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UI/UX Design

User interface and experience should be simple, straight-forward, and common sense. Good UI/UX should work the way people do, not force people to work the way it does.

Digital Design

From websites and custom CMS, to mobile apps, to VR/AR, to motion graphics and film, Eight Hook has the experience you need to produce quality deliverables.

Print Design

Business cards, posters, banners, direct mailers, brochures, even variable data printing: We've done all this and more and have intimate experience with the print industry.


Brand identity isn't just a logo, it's the public face of your organization. It should capture your entity's spirit, and be implemented cohesively across all your collateral and deliverables.


Have a great idea but not really sure where to begin, how to proceed, or what it would involve? Talk to us. We love guiding and educating our clients toward the choices that best suit their needs.


Eight Hook believes that solid pre-planning will always trump throwing money at problems as they come up. We'll work with you to create a tangible project plan that fits within your scope, budget, and fosters realistic expectations.


Oftentimes, the best way to achieve your goals is to have a team of experts working together. That kind of synergy doesn't just happen by luck. We have the Creative Direction and Project Management chops to keep everyone on the same page and moving forward.

and More

While we love to be a part of awesome, innovative things that haven't been done or done well before, we also realize it's not always necessary to reinvent the wheel. Reach out to us. We would love to hear your ideas and work out the best way to make them reality.

So why the name?

Our Approach

Short answer: I'm a big fan of the octopus.

Longer answer: I'm a really big fan of the octopus.

Just kidding, there's more: They're incredibly intelligent, highly adaptable, and natural born problem solvers. All of those qualities serve as inspiration for my personal design philosophy and how I approach projects.

(...Also, they're pretty cool looking.)

What has Eight Hook done?

Our Projects

Just a few of the things we've produced in the last few years...

Exactly who is Eight Hook?

About Us

Eight Hook is independently run by an incredibly lean team of one.


I'm Prasanth.

I have 15 years design and production experience in marketing, print, web, and development including mobile apps, internet apps, and VR/AR apps. Most of my clients come to me for smaller projects they need done quickly and under budget, or to consult on and conceptualize larger projects that require a team to accomplish.

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Music Video

Earth Mother

Client:Matthew Perry (Musician)

Role:Art Director

Duration:Six Months (2018-2019)

Reference: Youtube Link

This is the second project I worked on with Matt for his band Fenwick & The Big Loop. We had done a very low key, low budget music video in the past that was mostly well-received, but this time he really wanted to up the stakes and do something that would make a bigger impact. Matt approached me first, and we discussed his concept, which he wasn't really 100% sure about. I don't remember all of the details, but it would have required a lot of CGI. I proposed a new concept that could be shot practically: Historic women being portrayed by everyday women in a photoshoot. We then brought in actress/producer Maria Robles and costume designer Dathan J. Smith, working out logistics and finessing and refining the concept, dropping the photoshoot angle entirely and instead opting for a series of vignettes to tell the story.

When we felt like we had something really tangible to work with, we hired on filmmakers Kelly Riot and Shelby Cook to help us storyboard and script out the video, approaching it as if it were a short film. We then held casting calls, scouted filming locations, and hired crew. Filming took place over the course of four days.

My primary responsibilities as art director were the initial conceptualization, making sure nothing was out of place on set, creating some of the props, ensuring the final edit stayed in line with our vision and the expected standard of quality, and producing promotional materials.

"Earth Mother" was very well received and made its rounds at multiple film festivals including Women Texas, Detroit Shetown, and Dreammachine International, winning Best Music Video at the latter.

Virtual Reality


Client:emvia, Inc/XS VR (Companies)

Role:Creative Director

Duration:Ongoing (2018 - Present)

Reference: Website Link

HomeVR is an ongoing project I'm working on in my capacity as Creative Director of Emvia. At its core, it is a real estate tool that leverages architectural visualization with virtual reality that allows prospective buyers take an interactive tour of actual properties. Within this virtual space, they can customize wall colors, flooring materials, and even add furniture to get a better sense of the space.

My primary responsibilities on this project involve conceptualization and planning of features and interface, providing in-app assets, hiring and managing 3D artists and VR developers, testing, quality control, and branding.


Signal Forest

Client:Signal Forest (Startup)

Role:Creative Lead

Duration:Ongoing (2016 - Present)

Reference: Website Link

Signal Forest's mission is creating tools that streamline the efficiency and accuracy of large-scale WiFi deployments, and I wanted that to reflect in each of the identities, while staying aligned with the company's nature theme. The examples here primarily focus on branding for the company and two applications currently in development.

puddleJump was the first identity I tackled. It's a predictive design tool to estimate signal coverage on a floorplan, but it also has a project and personnel management aspects to it, so I wanted to get across the ideas of connectivity, collaboration, and deployment while keeping with the nature theme of the company's offerings. While the 'splash' graphic conveys those concepts, it also resembles a frog's foot, thereby tying the product name to the other targeted concepts.

emOcean is an augmented reality prototype that allows users to 'see' AP locations and signal propagation using real-time data to aid in on-site deployment and troubleshooting. For this identity, I was heavily influenced by "The Great Wave off Kanagawa" by Hokusai. The interior arcs are representative of two wireless signals overlapping, while the containing circle serves a sort of peephole, referencing the AR device that overlays the data driven visuals.

This brings us to the identity redesign for Signal Forest itself. The old graphic had a weird, jagged hash symbol that looked like power lines. This didn't really make sense as being representative of the company, so after throwing out multiple alternative ideas, I landed on a single tree in the same minimal style as the other identities I developed that represented growth and expansion while still maintaining cohesion.

Web Design/Development


Client:XS VR (Company)


Duration:Ongoing (2019 - Present)

Reference: Website Link

XS VR is a Virtual Reality arcade in Frisco, Texas. My responsibilities include designing and managing the website. Two key integrations I included were a custom CMS to easily manage the rotating the library of games and an online storefront for booking event packages, purchasing memberships, and seasonal passes.

The games page is filterable and easily managed on the backend using a SQL database. The shop uses a modified checkout that allows users to confirm their purchase online, but pay in-store as the owners did not want to deal with a payment gateway.

Augmented Reality

emOcean (Prototype)

Client:Signal Forest (Startup)

Role:Creative Lead

Duration:5 Months (2019)

Reference: Website Link

emOcean is a tool that leverages augmented reality to streamline WiFi deployments and improve troubleshooting. It collects data in real-time from puddleJump (the predictive WiFi design tool) to accurate place and locate hardware as well as see pertinent information at a glance.

In the prototype, users are able to choose and calibrate the virtual floorplan to the real-world space, see and adjust AP locations, see device information such as signal health, device load, connected users, and IP/MAC addresses, and see signal coverage and overlaps.

Web Design/Development

Fenwick & the Big Loop

Client:Matthew Perry (Musician)


Duration:1 Month (2019)

Reference: Website Link

Matt needed a new, modern website for his band. The primary goal was to have one place that tracked all the ways for people to buy and stream his music digitally as well as give him control over pushing out new announcements. I put together and coded a new design and implemented a custom CMS for the announcements section.